About us – Advanced Knowledge Applied

Established in 2000, EKM Global delivers outstanding Print Service Management Software, Consulting Professional Services and Channel Development support. We are committed to the success of our customers. We are firmly focused on delivering unrivalled value to make a real difference to each individual client’s needs. Being committed to excellence our staff apply their extensive knowledge to your requirements. Our success depends on your success.

We are a specialised software and services company with firm roots in corporate business enabling our solutions to scale from the smallest to the largest customer. Our products and services have been designed and developed from a complete service lifecycle perspective to deliver value through the entire supply and service chain. End users receive an outstanding service and value. Service providers can deliver that service and value at lower cost and with higher productivity than their competitors. Integrated supply and service chains drive automation effectiveness and efficiency of service delivery. Everyone involved gains.

We understand the need to reflect the services and expertise required by large, national and global, clients so we have built a business that achieves this. A commitment to training, robust process of continuing technology leadership and a strong network of subject matter experts ensure we provide full and effective software and services.

Our expertise is built into our software and services.

  • Predictive services, remote diagnostics and fix minimises customer disruption and drives up service availability
  • The latest cloud and monitoring and service management technology
  • Private cloud software implementation enables rapid deployment and flexibility just for you
  • Software as a Service business model just pay for what you use
  • Pre-contract tools and analysis to rapidly establish if there is a customer business case
  • Powerful and secure remote control drives service responsiveness up and service costs down
  • Industry leading real time service management

Our business values are based on how we would expect another technology and professional service provider to treat us, so we are:

  • Reliable – we deliver what we say we will, on time and to budget
  • Friendly and approachable – we share our expertise using plain language
  • Practical – we consider how our solutions and services can add value to your operating environment and tailor them accordingly
  • Efficient – we get on with the job and don’t waste time doing what doesn’t need to be done, so offering you cost effective, timely, services
  • Successful – we focus on making your business successful because that’s what we are interested in – and that reflects on how well we are doing too!

Our Clients

Our Service Provider clients span from SME’s, to country, regional and global companies. The end customers served range from customers with a single device to Global Enterprises and their subsidiaries, with thousands.

Our focus on the solution

Customers buy solutions and services which provide them competitive advantage against their competitors. A value service therefore is unique to each customer’s needs. We enable our customers to find unique value through providing a flexible software user experience, efficient service workflows, tailored user roles, which enables collaborative work between service provider and customer. This solution focus drives productivity at every point in the service and supply chain.