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Channel Development

Manage Print like any other IT Service


Channel Development

Manage Print like any other IT Service


rWhere possible, IT Channel suppliers are constantly looking to enhance the ways they provide products and services to their customers, seeking opportunities to expand their market, driving incremental sales with minimum cost, maximum margin and minimal inventory overheads.

Some have piloted managed print services but only achieved limited success and not the results they were hoping for.

EKM Insight can help

Evolving a business from a traditional product supply model to delivering services as an annuity revenue stream can be a daunting task. With EKM Insight you can achieve this transition in an evolutionary way. Build from where you are today, incrementally adding automation step by step. You will be able to deliver new value to your customers and reduce your sales cost at the same time without revolutionising your mode of operation with the associated cultural and skill changes this requires.

Start with consumables

Use EKM Insight to generate automated leads from your customers for consumables which they must purchase today. EKM Insight provides a dedicated workflow for this.

Use live monitoring to create sales demand through step by step automation


  • Use the live monitoring of EKM Insight for demand forecasting and lead generation for consumables and engineering fit maintenance items
  • Receive qualified demand from customers who must purchase today
  • Check distribution availability and price
  • Purchase on the best spot market price
  • Dropship directly to your customers incurring no inventory holding costs
  • Feed the order and invoice information directly to your accounting system
  • With this quality of service migrate your customers to a contracted service


  • Retirement/replacement planning
  • New product staging and configuration
  • Moves and change management
  • Break/Fix services
  • Incident management

Build Your Own Service - or “White Label” through us

Build the services yourself or contact us to create and source complete “White Label” services and service delivery built by our qualified and strategic partners. You sell it we deliver it for you and the profits drop to your bottom line without the upfront infrastructure and service operation development.