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EKM Consulting and Professional Services

Ensuring Cost-effective print service delivery


EKM Consulting and Professional Services

Ensuring Cost-effective print service delivery


EKM experience and background

EKM Global (EKM) has been providing Print Service Consulting and Analysis services for over 16 years through our consultancy business operations. Based on this work we have developed a proven methodology for Print Service assessments including physical asset auditing, software asset auditing, interview and detailed data analysis.

We constantly refine our methodology based on lessons learned from each project we undertake. We have experienced staff who have undertaken numerous projects across large complex private and public sector clients. In addition, we have significant experience of Managed Print Services (MPS) and have developed a best practice model based on our experience and knowledge which builds upon IT industry best practices for effective service delivery such as ITIL®.

EKM is a supplier of professional Print Services to the UK government under the RM3781 Framework, to the higher education sector under the NEPA Framework and to schools under the Crescent framework.

Independent advice

Key to our service is our vendor neutral and fully independent approach. Any recommendations are based on our customer’s objectives and requirements and are not biased towards a solution we provide or are linked to.   Our only motivation is to provide a fully independent view of the current printing environment, associated support processes and supporting business processes in our endeavours to meet our client objectives and reduce their full print service costs.

Our experience

Our team have significant experience of business challenges in all sectors including finance, government, transport, retail, healthcare and education. We have provided tender management and advisory services for 3 of the big 4 consultancy firms as well as banks, high street retail operations, universities and government departments. We have undertaken projects for UK and European firms and have significant experience in reviewing their printing infrastructure. EKM firmly believe that printing should be a key part of an organisation’s digital strategy enabling the organisation to actively manage print and paper out of the business wherever practical. Tracking trends and changes to the business operations are critical to maintaining cost and service optimisation. As a result, some of our customers have used our services over many years assisting them in assessing their contract lifecycles and the changes to their requirements for the future.

Our service delivery approach

EKM employ a multi-faceted approach to Managed Print Service Consulting and analysis projects. This involves a combination of physical audits on-site staff visiting devices, software based data collection, interviews with key stakeholders and information provided by the customer. This ensures that we capture the most comprehensive set of information regarding the current printing infrastructure to enable the full landscape, improvement options, and anomalies to be seen clearly, enabling practical recommendations made.

Additional service value

In addition to Managed Print Services Audits, EKM can provide additional services during the full contract lifecycle. We have significant experience of MPS implementations and can provide additional contract lifecycle advice including strategy and policy design, service operation design, procurement support, deployment project management, operations support and contract management support. Our EKM Insight software is also available for customers to use internally for quality of service monitoring or for full service management. A full range of services are available for the software.

As a result of the experience and depth of knowledge available within EKM we believe we are well positioned to assist businesses to move forward and achieve their print service objectives quickly and efficiently.