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EKM for
service providers

MPS and automated lifecycle management
of technology equipment and supplies are
increasingly in demand.

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A great
opportunity for you

As a service provider, you can get closer to your customers and enhance your regular revenue stream by managing their print services for them to help them save time and money.

Using our hosted EKM Insight RMM platform, you can monitor, manage, and even fully automate your customer’s equipment, meter collection, volume usage billing, consumable supplies, and proactively manage service delivery for them. We can also provide you with a BPO service if you prefer, where you simply collect the income, whilst EKM do all of the heavy lifting on your behalf.

Drive higher value sales

at the lowest possible cost to secure maximum profits
with minimal levels of inventory in the field

Energise your business by adding Managed Print Services as a natural extension to your established portfolio. With EKM Insight you can either give your customers new or better value at significantly lower operational cost by using fewer resources and driving out more consumables wastage than any other industry approach. If you prefer, you can also easily rebrand the EKM Insight portal and for industry programs we can white label the entire system, including DCA and mpsGO™ appliance branding if required.

Some main service
provider benefits

“EKM Insight provides unrivalled automation for high volume consumables ordering. It does this predicatively and intelligently not just device by device, but by location, ensuring that deliveries are combined and arrive just in time and in the most economic and environmentally friendly way possible. No significant intervention is required by users, procurement departments or IT support. This drastically reduces transaction costs, the cost of administration and consumables inventory and allows you to deploy your staff where they are most needed.”

Edward Ash Technical MPS Solutions Specialist at EBM

Why choose EKM Insight?

Services supporting and managing printer and multi-functional devices that provide print copy and scan functions are today a part of all companies’ IT infrastructures and should be managed in the same way as all other IT services. Like these other IT services, a managed print service should be forward looking, planned, robust and secure, delivering an optimised service for your customer’s business and ensuring the highest levels of service availability.

EKM Insight also easily copes with some of the complexities inherent in managing print services. Here are some of the features that make EKM Insight a compelling proposition.

Usage tracking and planning +

EKM Insight ensures optimal value is achieved from each & every device. You can even configure service & supplies parameters by exception if required.

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