Discover how we enable you to deliver significantly higher value at much lower cost using fewer resources than any other approach


About EKM Global

ATTCo ( and EKM Global ( are privately held companies deployed across 105 regions in every continent with established support operations in the UK, North America, and Australia. 

Founded in 2016 and 2001 respectively by experienced international technology and asset finance professionals, ATTCo provides an XaaS subscription enablement platform, where EKM continues to scale the most advanced remote service management system for office; equipment, service, supplies, and lifecycle management.  Both solutions enable the volume channel to deliver significantly higher value at much lower cost across millions of technology assets supporting all brands. 

As device management increasingly aligns with subscription to support a growing range of; hardware, software, and related services, both platforms continue to integrate; OEMs, distribution, asset finance, reverse logistics & recycling partners to establish compelling industry programs that provide end users much more flexible and affordable options for technology sourcing.


Our success depends on your success.

EKM Global delivers outstanding Print Service Management Software, Consulting Professional Services and Channel Development support. We are committed to the success of our customers and are firmly focused on delivering unrivalled value to make a real difference to you and your client’s needs. Being committed to excellence, our staff apply their extensive knowledge to your requirements.


Who we are

Formed in 2000, EKM Global is the world’s leading managed print service software supplier with over 20 years’ experience of delivering dramatic performance improvement for companies, enterprises, managed service providers, manufacturers, resellers and wholesalers. EKM Global is committed to helping its customers optimise print resources and operations and lock the gains in through advanced service delivery automation software. As a result, EKM Global customers save money, improve efficiency and effectiveness, and minimise wasted staff time – so boosting productivity and their bottom line.


What we do

EKM Global is completely independent of any manufacturer. We provide objective analysis of your entire print operation using our unique EKM Insight tools, and deliver knowledge-based reports on how you can streamline your print operations. Our EKM Insight print management software will then enable you to continue to benefit from optimised print operations. We guarantee that we will save you money and wasted staff time while optimising your entire printer management workflow.


Who we do it for

EKM Insight is relied on by many leading manufacturers, managed service providers, resellers and wholesalers to deliver efficient, all-round printer fleet management for thousands of customers. EKM Insight also gives companies and enterprises all the tools they need to manage their print requirements in-house, giving them the freedom to work with whichever reseller or wholesaler they choose. Our customers range across defence, education, health authorities, police forces, accountants, manufacturers and management consultants. Any organisation that has 10 or more printers/MFDs will benefit from our expertise and insight.