Discover how we enable you to deliver significantly higher value at much lower cost using fewer resources than any other approach

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About EKM Global

We’re the world’s leading managed print service (MPS) software supplier with over 20 years’ experience in delivering dramatic performance improvement for companies, enterprises, managed service providers, OEM manufacturers, resellers and wholesalers.

We help our customers optimise their printing & imaging resources and operations using advanced service delivery automation software to help them save money and time and improve efficiency and effectiveness.

By applying established ITSM & ITIL principles our platforms have since extended to incorporate all classes of technology asset by enabling highly automated XaaS subscription, including remote service management too.   

EKM technologies are deployed across more than 110 regions in every continent, where our Insight RMM platform processes more than 70 billion pages of output each year to support periodic invoicing on behalf of our industry customers with fully reconciled meter usage billing. 



What we can do for you

We’re completely independent of any manufacturer.  Our technology platforms can give you objective analysis of your entire contract base using our exclusive EKM Insight platform that provides dynamic knowledge-based reports that enable you to streamline your service management operations.

EKM Insight, underpinned by our exclusive self-healing DCA technology that can now be further enhanced by using our latest mpsGO™ appliance that ensures the highest levels of service availability at the lowest possible operational cost.

We can guarantee to save you money and time while optimising your entire service management workflow more than any alternative approach by fully automating your back-office by enabling a fully integrated and seamless set of closed loop processes if required.


Our clients

Many leading manufacturers, managed service providers, resellers and wholesalers rely on us to deliver efficient, holistic fleet service management for thousands of their customers across the world.

We also support corporate enterprise clients by providing the tools, resources, and support that they need to manage their entire operation centrally to establish a consolidated view across varying regional operations.   This enables them to manage their existing estate on a global scale at the lowest possible cost, whilst making it simple for EKM accredited vendors & service providers to deliver a highly automated service without complexity or delay.  Although the Fortune 500 typically have multiple suppliers & service providers across various regions, it is now possible to support a consistent approach under one global platform because our data is so accessible to any new or incumbent supplier. 

Our clients include some of the most restricted network environments across military, central government, health authorities & biotech, police forces, banking, finance, legal & accounting.  Any organisation from one regional office device to thousands across the globe will benefit from our specialist expertise and industry leading insight.