Discover how we enable you to deliver significantly higher value at much lower cost using fewer resources than any other approach



All the benefits of an MPS without the slightest complexity



All the benefits of an MPS without the slightest complexity


Imagine the perfect MPS service?

At Tech Data, we believe that our reseller partners want an affordable solution that enables them to manage their end customers' printing devices by offering a simpler, more profitable and smarter Service.

Designed for maximum simplicity, OpenMPS is easy to implement for any end customer regardless of their fleet of printers without interruption. Relying on strong process automation, we offer you the ability to switch from low margin transactional orders to a much more profitable subscription business to use or open a new consumables business with your customers or end users who buy printers and copiers from you . 

With OpenMPS you maintain total control of the relationship with your end customers, it is up to you to define the commercial conditions at each stage. Maintaining a transactional business model, we facilitate the adoption of OpenMPS by you and your end customers for billing transparent cartridges in use. OpenMPS was designed to be fully scalable. It effortlessly adapts to your business goals, from simple installed fleet management to the most popular, most sophisticated print management. OpenMPS uses the same infrastructure and the same set of processes to support a small business or a large international company, this makes it a really profitable solution for all its end customers. 
With OpenMPS, there is no investment or management cost tied to your own MPS service. We take care of all the complex tasks related to the creation of infrastructure, operation of the service and financing.


You can finally relax!

Now imagine all of this working wonderfully with equipment from any manufacturer, a solution you can benefit from today, with very little participation in place
and no obligation to use the products of a single manufacturer. From the outset, OpenMPS enables you to earn recurring consumable revenue, while offering more value to all of your end customers and at a significantly lower cost than any other solution.
Supplies are automatically replenished and invoiced upon delivery, but only when they are really needed. Compared to conventional per-page billing solutions, which often hides excessive overhead, OpenMPS can reduce fixed costs by 25% by optimizing, replenishing supplies, and avoiding unnecessary waste. Much more efficient and economical!
The OpenMPS platform also gives you access to the instant discount program for technical data consumables for each piece of equipment under contract. All this without compromise of minimum volumes and without costs related to an administrative team.


"OpenMPS offers unsurpassed automation for high-volume consumable orders. It performs this task predictively and intelligently, not just material by material, but also by site, ensuring deliveries are consolidated and arrive just in time and just the way. cheapest and greenest possible. No significant user intervention, provisioning services or IT support is required. This significantly reduces transaction fees and consumables inventory and management and allows you to deploy your staff where they are needed most." 
Edward Ash - MPS Technical Solutions Specialist at EBM

Key Benefits

  • No investment or cost: OpenMPS is free for distributors and we take care of all the complex tasks for you
  • No obligation: there is absolutely no need to replace an existing machine park or have your end customers a long, binding service contract deadline
  • Total transparency: with our billing model in use, end customers only pay for actually used cartridges 
  • Maximum scalability: OpenMPS offers you a modular MPSaaS platform, which evolves according to the evolution of your business, while offering your customers ends exactly what they need when they need it
  • Maximum value - You immediately realize the savings by significantly reducing your printer and copier fleet management costs, while offering unmatched transparency and control for you to all of your end customers

From SMEs to large companies: end-users members of large corporations will not be the only ones to save money. Even very small businesses can now benefit from reduced prices on consumables and better quality of service thanks to the powerful automation of this service.

  • You are in control: OpenMPS is a service designed for you, and you are in control of the business model you choose for each of your clients.

Unlike other programs on the market, we never contract directly with your end customers, and we do not impose the products and services that you have to sell.

  • Peace of mind - After 20 years of development by EKM, now managed by Tech Data, OpenMPS offers the most advanced print management platform on the market, delivered by a reseller 100% committed to two-tier distribution.

Easy Access

Access to the OpenMPS platform is easy and registration is completely free. There is no initial setup cost or platform usage fees. After accepting T&C online, you can instantly offer exceptional value to all of your end customers. The entire implementation is done in minutes and is fully operational in 24 hours to provide immediate return.