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11 Jun 2021

Print industry veterans Edward McLaughlin and Shawn Cashmark have announced the formation of Predictive Insight to bring advanced predictive analytics and data collection to the print industry.

The use of BI (business intelligence) and data analytics has been shown to improve the operational effectiveness of a company while in many instances, creating a significant competitive advantage.

But, until now, these tools have had limited availability in the managed print arena,” said McLaughlin. “This is the primary reason we have formed Predictive Insight.”

“The best and most complete data always support the best decisions,” added Cashmark.

This fact is what led McLaughlin and Cashmark to search for the best tools available, enabling the transformation of data into what they describe as fully developed solutions that address how organizations must position themselves in today’s ultra-competitive environment.

According to McLaughlin and Cashmark, Predictive Insight will deliver everything today’s data collectors provide as well as intelligent data collectors, which clean the data at the collector.

Another benefit is optimized data collection. The solution only collects required data when necessary, which reportedly massively reduces network load. Another key differentiator says McLaughlin and Cashmark is a highly secure, military-grade transmission algorithm with store and forward, which eliminates lost information transmissions. An additional benefit is predictive algorithms for both consumables and maintenance.

For more information about Predictive Insight and to schedule a demo, contact Ed McLaughlin at +1 215-378-3639 or Shawn Cashmark at +1 925-209-7002 .

Scott’s Upshot

The Cannata Report had an opportunity to see a demo of Predictive Insight on May 20 and was impressed. We believe that this is an interesting new solution because of the capabilities it provides that competitive products don’t currently offer. We encourage our readers to take a deeper look at this product and judge for themselves. A comprehensive feature on Predictive Insight will appear in the July/August issue of The Cannata Report.