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15 Mar 2011

Reducing Service Desk Cost using Insight

The Organisation

Alleanza Assicurazioni is an Italian insurance company based in Milan. It was founded in Genoa in 1898, and is part of the Generale group. The company is particularly active in the life insurance sector. They have a managed print service provided by the BDF Group.

The Challenges

Alleanza have over 1,500 Agent locations throughout Italy serving local customers. Printing insurance documents is a critical part of the customer process. Insight II was installed to bring the printing estate under control with the largest customer problem related to consumables management, supplies inventory cost, loss of consumables and management of supply chain logistics. Initially the Insight II predictive consumable management and tracking system was applied which rapidly brought the inventory management and logistics under control through ensuring the right consumable was sent only when required to the right location driving down inventory and management cost. The tracking of the usage of each consumable reduced losses and enabled a clear understanding and control of utilisation. However calls to the help desk remained stubbornly high.

  • Each time the toner level reached 10% the printer flashed a light on its display to show this;
  • Upon seeing this users contacted their call centre. However the supplies management process correctly ensured that a toner was not sent when the level reached 10% but according to the usage trend to arrive just before run-out optimising the supply chain and inventory control;
  • We continued to receive about 100 calls a day because the printer indicated the toner needed replacement and the user naturally believed it and made the call


The solution to this specific issue was to use the Insight messaging management. Insight contains an advanced and flexible messaging infrastructure designed to address these types of challenges.

  • We set up the system in order to send out an automatically created custom email to the location printer key user as soon as the toner was below 10%. The email warns that the toner is running low and that a replacement will be sent when required.
  • When a replacement is sent out, the system notifies the users by email confirming that a toner has been sent (so that the users are aware that they will receive a toner in 2/3 days). The whole system is automated driven by the request and order management process;
  • By implementing this process, the numbers of calls have now been reduced to about 5-10 a day. In addition toners are now fully used and only replaced when they are empty.
  • This is all centrally administered with no changes to the printers being required. Message content and routing can be changed in seconds for the entire fleet if required keeping management cost very low indeed.

The Payoff

  • The internal average fully loaded call management cost including user time and follow ups was estimated at 25 Euros per call. The helpdesk cost component of this between 10 and 15 Euros per call.
  • This process therefore saved between 49,000 and 52,000 Euros per month for the fully loaded cost or between 20,000 and 31,000 Euros for the helpdesk alone.
  • This item alone provided an ROI for the total system investment of months.

"Insight has enabled us to manage with simplicity in less time with far fewer resources, and enabled our service provider to centralise consumables monitoring and automated replenishment. This is not dependent through only monitoring the level of consumables remaining, but also forecasting “run-out” based on predictive modelling of each device.”

Stefano Ghiglietti, Customer Support - Milano, Generali Business Solutions

Leading Italian Insurance firm reduces operational costs and achieves ROI within months by using Insight Enterprise to control the printer estate