Discover how we enable you to deliver significantly higher value at much lower cost using fewer resources than any other approach

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Global White Label Technologies

Although EKM began development 10 years ahead of our main competitors we continue to pioneer next generation applications that keep our partners ahead of the market, and ahead of their rivals.  MPS of course continues to evolve but extending your proposition across Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS) is rapidly becoming essential.

What was in the 70s referred to as Office Automation evolved to Managed Print Service (MPS) during the late nineties but has since become Modern Office & Digital Workplace on an all-inclusive subscription basis.  Accelerated in 2020 by the global pandemic we have seen dramatic changes in our work habits that has put significant time pressure on the need for us all to adapt ahead ushering in a new era of operational efficiency reflected in both Work from Home & Hybrid Offices.

After 20 years of investment, commitment, and relentless innovation EKM continue to lead the Management Print Service Automation field.  We have achieved this by establishing infrastructure industrialised with meticulously calibrated algorithms resulting from decades of persistent fine tuning.  Consequently, we enable OEMs, and their volume channel partners, to:


Deliver significantly higher value at much lower operational cost by using far fewer resources, whilst driving out more waste than any other industry approach”


Global Support

Having established the most Reliable, Accurate, Capable, and Secure platform now globally available across every continent, EKM have increasingly become the partner of choice for the world’s largest OEMs and wholesale distributors.  Translated into a rapidly growing list of native languages our platforms, systems, processes are second to none, with local support teams in situ ready to serve you and your clients at the drop of a hat.

First Mover Advantage

As a technology pioneer we work closely with manufacturers to enhance their offering, whilst making them significantly more affordable.  With both MPSaaS & XaaS platforms integrated at every level of the established supply chain, EKM enables rapid deployment across the global volume channel to create significant demand at the lowest possible cost of sale.  The combination of first mover advantage combined with rapid deployment enables our partners to consistently overachieve via the most established routes to market.

Return on Investment

With unrivalled economies of scale now we can more easily customise an OEM license model that achieve the lowest possible regional cost.  With resources in every continent, coupled to established infrastructure now being fully in place, deployment time is kept to a minimum to assure regional go live times are kept to a minimum, always achieving maximum return on investment.  In short, EKM deliver more for less with far less risk, driving business value to the highest levels of performance.




Fortune 100 Stability

As an ATTCo Group company EKM is now part of a 22,000-team made up of the IT industry’s best and brightest, who share an unwavering passion for bringing compelling technology products, services, and solutions to the world.  We’re an innovative partner that helps our OEM customers to maximize the value of IT investments, demonstrate business outcomes, and unlock growth opportunities across a captive audience of 150,000 channel partners with many new vertical routes to market.

Custom Developments

At EKM we are renowned for our flexibility when it comes to specific requirements, tailored solutions, hands on deployment, and native system integrations.  OEMs select EKM on reputation, credibility, and exceptional levels of support as we seek to serve at every point in the process so that our partners have peace of mind combined with a high degree of confidence knowing that they are in the safest of hands.

By leveraging our incredibly talented team at EKM we map our resources that correspond with your native skills to ensure the most optimal solutions delivered to plan on time.  Our specialist knowledge and expertise, combined with decades of market research, adds exceptional value to any given requirement ahead of establishing the most optimal solution on every occasion.  We pride ourselves on developing the most efficient and effective technologies by insisting on an approach that is underpinned by practical, real world operational knowledge, coupled to a meticulous and detailed technical specification.  At EKM we firmly believe in sharpening the axe fully before attempting to chop down the tree!